Ludum Dare entry

Made for the compo at Ludum dare 37. My first entry ever. :)

Tools: Unity, Gimp, LMMS and Audacity.

Great King, your death is foretold. Death demands your presence in seven days. Divine intervention is your only hope. Pray the Gods notice your greatness! Pray to Lady Luck for opportunities, spend your time and resources wisely! Surely the Gods will intervene if you impress them with great wealth and power?
  • activate one of the three cards you can afford, or draw new cards
  • time passes real-time
  • drawing new cards gives you a small time penalty
  • cards cost resources to play
  • followers give you resources at the end of each day (10 each follower)
  • gather as many resources and followers as you can within the time limit
TIP: You will not get a good score for most games. The effect "Divine Intervention (+1 Day)" is the only way to get a score over 10.000 and win the game. Pick it up if you can afford it. Play fast, there is NO time penalty for activating cards. The more cards you see the more likely you are to get enough cards with Divine Intervention. Stay away from high-cost cards, they will rarely pay themselves back.
Made withUnity
TagsLudum Dare 37
Average sessionA few minutes
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Eh, no time for read anything, just random click every card on second part of game. Will be remembered.